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The Sale greyhounds are an icon of Australian regional greyhound racing. Located around 200 kilometres east of the Melbourne CBD (Maffra Rd, Sale), the Sale greyhounds create a perfect mix of laid back country atmosphere and a professional national standard of greyhound racing. The action takes place on Sundays and…

Greyhound racing in Sale

Greyhound racing is one of the world’s most popular races and is practiced everywhere including Australia, Great Britain, the United States and many more countries. The race consists of a circular or an oval track with a fixed number of dogs, depending on each racecourse, and an artificial rabbit or hare taken across the track as prey for the dogs. Being a very high powered and an exciting race, it attracts spectators worldwide to come and bet in the game and enjoy the races. The races at Sale are amongst the premier events in Australia.

Greyhounds themselves are a very interesting breed of dogs that are very hard to train but are very gentle otherwise. With a body built for speed, greyhounds are the fastest dogs clocking about 45 km/h. their bodies are very muscular with a flexible spine that makes it easier for them to sprint faster. Unlike other dogs that run, they sprint and can cover large distances in a short period of time. They are most famous for their temperament, as being highly opinionated dogs they cannot be forced to act or do anything in a particular way. Because of this particular issue in their attitudes, an artificial hare is put as prey in front of them so that they stay in their course on the tracks. Maintaining them is also easy, because of their short hair and they’re lack of any need to exercise. Sale Greyhounds

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Betting on the races is one of the main features of the races and millions are generated at these race tracks per month. The advent of online betting has led to a boom in greyhound gambling and Australians are joining in droves to this exciting sport.

With the amount of race tracks that are featured around the world for this sport, the popularity for greyhound racing has increased evermore. Having been developed as a full sport in 1912, this form of racing went on to reaching its peak during the Second World War, after which the audience for the game reduced considerable. In the past few decades the game has picked up and is increasing its spectator base exponentially through the awareness and commercial promotions of the greyhound associations all over the world.

Greyhound racing in Australia

Australia has one of the biggest market for the races and boasts a network of hundred of racetracks around the continent. Having an audience that is increasing at a rapid pace day by the to witness the amazing experience that is greyhound racing as well as to bet on these races, Australia has many associations to run, promote and regulate the race tracks and betting. They have very strict rules as regards to giving drugs to the dogs for high performance having the owners and the trainers penalized no matter how the drugs have made its way into the dog’s bloodstream.

Race tracks can be found in Canberra, New South Wales, Southern Australia, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and even Western Australia. Some of the most renowned race tracks include Canberra Greyhound Racing Club, Albury Greyhound Racing Track, Greyhound Social Club in Potts Park, Wentworth Park, The Gardens, Sale and District Greyhound club, Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club, Gold Coast Greyhound Racing Club Inc., Hobart Greyhound Racing club(the only one in Tasmania), Warrnambool, Sandown, Warragul and so many more all over the country and adjoining islands.

The national association that has been created for greyhounds is the Australian Greyhound Leasing Association and is divided in many state governing bodies in order to regulate the welfare of the dogs and the commercial promotion of the sport. These racing authorities also provide funds for adoption houses for greyhounds and are actively supporting adoption of retired greyhounds all over Australia and even abroad.

Every state and territory of Australia has a separate governing body for greyhound racing and race tracks. The largest are situated in New South Wales and Victoria. These bodies not only provide race tracks and regulations for racing, but also homes for racing greyhounds as well as medical care such as vaccinations, neutering, de-worming , parasites and even malnourishments. They promote active exercise for the dogs during the day to keep them fit and happy during their careers as well as afterwards.

Sale, located in Victoria, has its own Greyhound racing association that was initially started in 1936. They hold regular meetings and are a popular attraction for the local inhabitants of Sale. They are a testament for all to see the popularity of the sport in this country since Sale became an official city in 1950, even after opening its first greyhound racing track and club.

Bet on greyhounds in race tracks all over Australia

Australia is the hub for all sports bettors and provides many facilities for punters all over the continent. Punters can now pace they’re winning wagers online with numerous online facilities available on the internet in both Australia and from abroad. Greyhound racing betting need not be limited to Australia only. Punters now have the option of sitting online and getting up to date info about other sports and outcomes as well as tips from experts that are available online. They also give bettors a forum to purchase or sell they’re tips online.

Whether you’re at home, the office, traveling or anywhere in the world, placing a bet on any race that you wish has never been easier. Sport books are also available on betting sites to give you the full experience of sports betting. Odd makers also present their predicted odds online and several websites are dedicated to giving you all the updates and information required to make the wager. So enjoy betting online on the greyhound races at Sale or other Australian race tracks from any part of the world and win lots with your bets.